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Quarterly Newsletter

For over 44 years, Parsons Federal Credit Union has served its members as a guiding light, helping them achieve financial wellness in a complex, ever-changing world. As our members’ needs evolve, we strive to move together with them to provide sound financial advice that will help them navigate through their personal life’s journey. We understand that each person’s journey is unique—that is why we pride ourselves in building strong relationships with each and every one of our members, so we can help them plan their next move. Our quarterly journal is now Pathfinder.

Though the name of the newsletter has changed, its core mission remains the same. Our newsletter’s new name reaffirms Parsons Federal Credit Union’s commitment to making our members’ lives easier. A pathfinder is someone who leads an expedition and goes ahead to find the best route to the end goal. We hope our newsletter will continue to act as such by guiding our members toward the most prosperous routes on their financial journeys.

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